5 Best Exercises Types For Older Adults To Improve Balance & Lose Weight

Has exercise been a four-letter word in your vocabulary? Don’t overwhelm yourself when you decide to make an improvement to your physical health by incorporating exercise into your everyday life. Keep it simple at the beginning. Start with stretching. Stretching feels good and is a good way to keep muscles flexible, improve joints, strengthen muscles, and improve blood circulation which is good for the heart. Stretching may help alleviate or avoid muscle-related injuries.

If to want to build muscle instead, your exercise regimen should emphasize routine.  The routine must be consistent.  Otherwise, you will not get the results you are striving for.  It takes longer for seniors to build muscle and is much easier to lose.  When we stop our muscle-building routine, the benefits disappear quickly.  Experts advise lifting light weights with many reps.  Some of the rewards to expect are – getting less fatigued during the day, aches and pains disappearing, and walking is easier.


Stretching is somewhat related to Yoga – which has been said to slow or even slowly reverse – the aging process. As we age we tend to move less which in turn leads to limited flexibility and muscle strength. Yoga is the perfect low impact form of exercise to re strengthen muscles, improve your circulation and flexibility.

One of the key elements of yoga teachings is learning to breathe correctly. As we age, we do not take the full bodied breaths we did when we were younger. Yoga re-teaches us the correct method of breathing. The standing stretches can improve balance and co-ordination

Yoga has also shown to help seniors with the following ailments – sleep disorders, arthritis, depression, chronic pain, and hypertension.


Incorporating a walking routine in your life will no doubt benefit your health and can be easily incorporated into your life.  There is no expensive equipment to buy.  If you have sidewalks and a safe area, walk your neighborhood.  Buy a pedometer and increase and challenge your time and distance.  In the winter, you can walk the mall or get a treadmill. To get a positive impact from walking you must work yourself up to a quick pace. Leisurely strolling along will not benefit your body to any great degree.

The benefits of walking – improvement of cardiovascular function, weight control, blood pressure, builds endurance and muscle strength, helps build and maintain bones and muscles.  It’s also a great way to socialize and get outside and exercise. You can combine it with an interest like bird watching. It’s an activity that can also be a social opportunity.


Recent studies have come up with a startling discovery.  It is a given that exercise benefits your health in all aspects and will prolong your life but recent studies have shown that people that swim on a regular basis live much longer than walkers and runners.

This benefit is a plus as well as the fact that this type of exercise can be less stressful to joints and people that may have physical limitations that prevent them from a walking or running exercise program can still manage to embrace swimming as their exercise routine.

This new revelation will surely have people diving into this form of exercise.

Swimming is easy on the body.  Swimming allows seniors to move their bodies without bearing their weight. Swimming results in many health benefits to seniors including more flexibility,improved muscle tone and strength, cardiovascular conditioning, weight and appetite control, and reduced risk of osteoporosis.


The stereotype of seniors and sports conjures up the golf course for most. This sport can be enjoyed for it’s benefits of fresh air, walking exercise, and social bonus. Studies show that men and women who play golf on a regular basis have a 40% lower incidence of mortality. It can add 5 years to your life! If you find it hard to force yourself to regularly walk and exercise but have an interest, start a get together with friends. Golf can be played at almost any age. This will make it even easier to keep up a routine and the social interaction is great way to avoid depression.

Weight Lifting for Seniors

We are able to build muscle at any age. The importance of muscle in our overall health make up is even more important than at a younger age. Strength training is important to people of all ages but especially important to seniors. Muscle can help protect our old bones from falls and impact. Although some weakness is expected as we age , the degree of weakness is up to the individual. Resistance exercises can help stall the normal decline of strength and muscle mass. Muscles tend to weaken with age, and this factor can affect seniors’ independent and active lifestyles. Before beginning any type of regimen it’s important to discuss your plans with your doctor. It is also advisable to take the advice of a professional trainer if you have that option available. Seniors report some of the benefits they experience are ease to their everyday activities, an increase in balance, arthritis relief, weight loss, depression relief, and improved quality of sleep.

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