7 Factors Affecting Quality Of Life & Physical Well Being Of Elderly/Older Adults

As we age our bodies start breaking down as nature intended but due to modern science and medical breakthroughs and discoveries, people are living longer and living healthier. In generations past, 60’s was what 90’s is to us today.

As everyone knows there are 2 ways to improve your physical well being – improving your diet and having some type of physical regimen.  Seniors who exercise regularly have stronger immune symptoms and are able to better fight off disease.  If your diet isn’t everything it should be – try using supplements where you are lacking in vitamins.

Exercise and Movement

Some sports are not the best choices for seniors. But there is still a large selection of options for every one’s taste. Some exercise and be incorporated into a social get together such as golf. As long as walking is involved, golf can be a very healthy regimen. Make sure the activity or activities you choose can easily be incorporated into your routine.

Due to climate changes, you may only be able to golf for a limited number of months. You’ll need to come up with other options for winter – a treadmill, join a gym. 

Weight Control

The benefits we can acquire from just keeping our weight under control are vast and can make a difference between dragging ourselves through our day and enjoying life to the max. Our weight effects all aspects of our physical well being. For example, a recent study displays evidence that people who lost as little as 5% of their total body weight reduced their risk of developing osteoarthritis in the knees – a common problem for seniors.


You are what you eat – it’s the truth and as we get older, our bodies will not tolerate greasy, nasty choices like it once did and for good reason. It’s awful for your body. Fuel it with healthy choices and you will be rewarded with good health and possibly fend off disease that are more likely to plague us as we age. Cut back on the red meat and increase your intake of fruits, vegetable and grains. Fresh is best, but frozen and canned is more convenient and if that’s the only way you can find to incorporate these foods in your diet do it!

Healthy Bones

As we age, it is vital that we take good care of our bone structure. Once reaching sixty years of age, 1 in 2 women and 1 in 3 men are affected by Osteoporosis. Musculoskeletal problems can greatly affect the quality of life we experience in our senior years.

Healthy Joints

Although there is no cure for chronic joint pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis, but we do know of good treatments to make living with arthritis tolerable. A recent study of patients with severe arthritis showed improvement after having dental problems treated. Once dental issues were treated there resulted less arthritic pain, reduced stiffness, and fewer swollen joints.

Vitamins and Supplements

As our bodies age, our body requires different vitamins and supplements. We have to protect our health and work at preventing disease and illness. Prevention is the key. Research indicates the supplements can enable you to live a longer life. 

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