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Thank you for your previous inquiry for guest posts, do-follow links, and advertisements. is launching a unique discount.

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Advertising rates

1) 250 x 250 square on the sidebar

➤ Much larger than the usual 125 x 125 square, giving you more visibility. They can be seen clearly on mobile screens.
➤ You need to provide a jpg and one link(will be do-follow link).
➤ The ads will be shown on every page of the blog.

Price: US$35 per month
Before 14 Feb Discount: Buy 6 months before 14 Feb to get 40% Off ( In other words 35 x 6 x 60% = US$126 for 6 months)

2) Guest Post

➤ Experienced, professional English writers to contribute original unique articles.
➤ The ideal length is 500-1500 words (longer articles are welcome).
➤ Bio and headshot – we’ll allow one do-follow link in your bio and one do-follow link in your post.
➤ DON’T submit inappropriate content that is violent, pornographic, or hateful.
➤ The guest post will be on the website for as long as the site exists.
➤ The content becomes our property after your submission. We have the final edit right.

Price: US$147 per guest post
Before 14 Feb Discount: 40% Off price! (In other words, 147 x 60%= US$88.2 per guest post)


Payment is to be received through Paypal, all prices are US dollars.

Please note that there are no refunds on paid and delivered ads. We can’t guarantee performance, it depends on things outside my control such as ad copy and design.

Price will go up after 14 Feb, 2021. You can learn more about the opportunity and proceed with payment HERE.

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