Are You A Grandmother Debating On Getting A Tattoo?

Tattoos have been around so prolonged and have turned so renowned which pioneers in this traffic have been eventually removing a little recognition.  I think the women that entirely lonesome their bodies with tattoos and done their vital with the playground sideshows were dauntless women who were peaceful to live a hold up which substantially enclosed a lot of staring and bold pointing. Women such as Betty Broadbent and Dainty Dottie.

Our multitude is only starting to simply accept saying permanent skin stain sleeves which you can find on immature people in all manners of businesses and occupations.  Kate began her career in New York City behind in 1970 when tattoos were illegal – tough to hold which was the box in the 70s.  I gamble she has a few great stories to discuss the risks concerned and how things worked in those days. Kate Hellenbrand is partial of the era of permanent skin stain artist and is well well well well well known in the permanent skin stain community. 

Also well well well well known as Shanghai Kate Hellenbrand, she is a well well well well well known and reputable artist, Kate is well well well well well known for her design and has even inked little celebrities during her career. Her luminary clients embody Mike McCready, lead guitarist of stone organization Pearl Jam, and my one preferred shock jock, Howard Stern. Although she is clever in all areas of tattooing – portraits, black and gray, as well as color tattoos, she seems to do a lot of pin-up lady tattoos. On her site, you can check out the gathering report she keeps.

I can’t imagine what it would have been like to have tattoos back in her day. Society has really come a long way in a short amount of time.

Seniors Addicted to Ink

Well – the saying goes once you get your first tattoo, you’ll be hooked on the needle.  And how true it is.  The reason for this post – yes, although I’m getting older – I got a new tattoo last night for my birthday. And of course, as I’m sitting there for 3 hours in pain, I’m thinking of what I’ll want to get next.  The pain is a good kind of pain and really isn’t that bad.  For the most part. Like my friend says – we may look funny when we’re getting our diapers changed in the nursing home with our sagging tattoo work – but we won’t be alone!

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