How To Design Your Own Eco-Friendly Sustainable Personalised Funeral?

Even though seniors are taking better care of themselves and living longer we know that eventually, we cannot avoid the inevitable.  Even though we can’t cheat death, we can personalize our funeral so we leave this earth “our way”.

According to funeral homes, baby boomers are breaking away from tradition and planning their departure in unique and novel ways.  Seniors are making their own arrangements using their favorite music, choosing the pictures to be used in their personal slideshow, and, of course, picking out their final accommodations.

With the recent popularity of environmentally friendly products, seniors are opting for “green” funeral products.   Boomers are choosing cremation urns made from completely biodegradable products like salt, paper, cornstarch, and sand.  They are also choosing caskets made from natural resources such as woven bamboo, willow, and seagrass.

Boomers want to end their lives the way they lived their lives.  They want their funeral to reflect their beliefs.  Not only are these types of arrangements better on an environmental level, using these natural and practical products also saves money.  A bamboo casket doesn’t even come close to a heavy wooden model with fancy metal accents.

The Baby Boomer generation has rewritten the book on funerals.  We’ve dragged it out of the dark from a depressing event to a celebration of life.

Affordable Alternative Solution

Walmarts knows retail.  When they see a profit to be made they jump on an idea.  In case you are new to the idea – They are also selling caskets – at amazing prices – on their website. 

I must have been living under a rock because come to find out – Costco has already been offering good deals on caskets on their website.  I at first thought this was in bad taste but with the costs of funerals skyrocketing and the economy being what it is – well, you know it is looking more and more like a good option.  But if you are making the arrangements, how do you bring up the idea without sounding like a cheap bastard?? 

Funeral homes are required by law to accept 3rd party caskets.  They ship within 48 hours – but that would be another concern for me.  Ships within 48 – but how long and how much is shipping?  When I am in that situation, I like to make the arrangements in a very timely and expedited manner. 

Funeral arrangements are not something you want to plan too many days in advance – or are they not?  So many questions…..

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