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Our goal is to gather the information that interests senior and baby boomers alike – from every age range – 50 and over. The things that matter to us as we hit the golden years. Our lifestyle and what that entails. As we age not only do our physical bodies change, our priorities shift. Our personalities can mature in different ways. So our topics include everything from the physical to the emotional for our senior years.


Obviously, as our lifestyle and circumstances change – our relationships are affected. Our family structure changes and in turn our priorities change. Relationships and family being our number one concern as we are younger and raising a family, getting married, raising children, and establishing our friendships. Maybe you’ve been widowed or divorced after many years in a relationship. New beginnings, new life. Read about expectations, how to forge new friendships, sites for a pen pal, friendship, and dating relationships for seniors. Click the links below to learn more

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Money issues are on everyone’s minds in these chaotic financial times.  Retirement plans are being postponed and some are finding that the retirement they counted on is completely gone.  Read about financial advantages for seniors as well as the latest financial news and how it may affect you.

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Travel and recreation – All of these are needed for your sanity.

Location choices for travel and vacations change as we age. We no longer have to do places like Disney and Seaworld and other family-oriented travel destinations if that is not really our cup of tea.

Seniors have a multitude of options available based on their budget and preferences.

Whether you are still working or retired, you need a break from work or the tediousness that can sometimes be facing you with retirement. We will explore options, make suggestions that you may not have thought about to occupy your time. We have done research on some of the best trips and travel sites on the internet. Find ideas and deals for the traveling seniors.

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Whether it is to change the bathtub to a shower room or to add handrails for the staircase, your body changed while you age and you will spend much more time at home. It makes sense to spend some money on home improvement for retirement preparation. How to plan for it? Check these guides we prepared.

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One day you or your partner might need to get a wheelchair or move to an assisted living house. How to ensure lifestyle and living quality for seniors with special needs? Let’s keep reading…

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We’ll cover the most common health issues that we can expect to face as we start entering our late 40’s – early 50’s and continuing on through the decades.  Learn about recent studies and recommendations.  We’ll suggest the best foods to eat to counteract the deficiencies typical with aging. Find out the latest and best-suited exercise options that would be most beneficial to you.

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