Retire from work-Not from life

Sometimes the reality of retirement can be a far cry from
the dreams of what retirement will be like. Many reasons
occur for this and it is quite common to go through a
perion of feeling down in the dumps.

Not planning properly is one reason for this. Plan ahead
and make it something to look forward to. A new stage in
life, a new door opening.

Retirement can fall short if your money situation isn’t as
flush as you’d expected, feeling bored or like you have no
purpose, may have the tendency to let depression creep up.

The important thing is the realize there are so many more
things you can do to contribute to your life. Allow
yourself to relax and know you deserve to take some
recreation time.

The very best way to get a boost is to try something new.

It can be difficult if unplanned illness or loss of a
spouse arises. Give yourself plenty of time to reconsider
your options.

Be sure to still plan activites and join some clubs to make
new friends if you need to. Remember it’s a big world and
there are thousands of things you can do.

There are also many support services available, so use
them. Most importantly, plan to live your life regardless
of what happens.

Sitting at home won’t replace that feeling, so find a few
interests and join some groups. You’ll find plenty of
kindred spirits and swapping stories will be fun.

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