Retirement-I can’t wait till we can…

There is a trend to the things we all say we want to do
during retirement. Whether or not we actually achieve them
is another thing.

But it is quite amusing to dream of the ‘good life’ when we
get to retirement age.

Go golfing, all day, everyday. Put a permanent ‘gone
fishing’ sign on the door, and go fishing.

Laze on tropical island, with one of those fancy drinks Let
the kids wait on us for change Borrow some money from the
kids, because they are working and we aren’t, that we never
intend to pay back, as a payback.

Get a caravan, load it up, and drive off into the wild blue
yonder Buy a new alarm clock everyday, so we can set it for
when it’s time to get up for work, and smash it with a
hammer when it rings.

Write a book Read a book Go on a luxury cruise Think about
work, and laugh. Travel the world.

Whatever your reasons for looking forward to retirment,
keep it firmly in your sights. Make positive steps to have
a life after work.

We often think about retirement with and air of ‘we’ll have
plenty of time to worry about that after’. But if you need
to top up your retirment money, knowing as soon as possible
is best.

Also, having set plans to look forward too, keeps us in a
positive mind frame as retirement age approaches.
Retirement is your time to live.

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