Senior Relationship Issues: Marriage Vs Living Together After 60

Statistics show an increasing trend with seniors to live together and choosing this cohabitation style over marriage. According to census data for the past decade, the number preferring this living arrangement has risen 50 percent.

Why Seniors Are Living Together Instead Of Getting Married?

The 2 key reasons given were social acceptance and money.

SOCIAL ACCEPTANCE – once considered “living in sin”, is now common, acceptable, practical, and just makes sense for some.

MONEY – A very powerful motivator.

  • Inheritance – As seniors, we usually have a plan for our assets when we are gone. If we marry, those plans may change. To complicate things more, you and your spouse may not agree on your plans for your inheritance and the children involved. This could cause friction in your relationship which is never a good thing. If we don’t tie the know – we are free to do with our inheritance whatever we choose.
  • Loss of Benefits – For some people choosing to marry can mean loss of survivor benefits such as Social security, pensions or survivors annuity income.
  • Nursing Home – Most nursing home residents eventually end up applying for Medicaid benefits. These benefits will not kick in until the spouses assets are spent.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Living Together Instead Of Marrying Later In Life?

PROBLEMS – Depending on the state you live in, you may have problems in regard to hospital visits. The best way to be sure of where you stand legally is to check with an attorney.

Visiting the attorney would accomplish a couple of things. First, you find out where you stand legally and he or she can recommend and put together a legal document laying out exactly what the 2 co-habitants wish. A legal document will eliminate any confusion about your rights, and protect you.

Another scenario – What if you moved in with someone who owned a home and years later passed away. Unless there is something legally drawn up, the companion is without a place to live now. specifying their wishes in some type of legal piece of paper

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