Sex And Aging – Several Ideas To Explore

Older Women – Younger Men

This type of relationship works for a fairly large group of people.  We learned long ago that physically, a man’s sexual peak is used early while women it occurs later in life.  Not only does the physical strengths mesh, but it also can be a good mental match.  

Some younger men appreciate and are attracted to women that have life experiences and the confidence that they acquire as they travel through life.  

In turn, the mental and personality attraction relates to being physically attracted and can create a strong relationship despite the age difference and on some levels because of the age difference.

Boomers Sexual Revolution

Our generation is causing another revolution as we hit our senior years. We have a healthier outlook and a more open opinion about our sex lives.  I think the Viagra and Cialis commercials can attest to that.

With a more healthy attitude about something so natural, we are coming out of the closet and letting the world know that seniors are sexually active.  And if a physical limitation is causing problems in this area, we’re not afraid to seek help from our doctors.  Previous generations were raised to feel that it was a tabu subject.

We also now know the benefits we receive from having a healthy and active sex life. Research totes the benefits as many – including anti-depressants, a boost to our immune system, and exercise benefits just to name a few. Additionally, sex is good for a couple of relationships. It’s natural and healthy.

Hot Flashes And Menopause

Treatments for menopause vary from hormone replacement therapy and herbal products. Everyone is different as far as the severity of the flashes. They have shown an increased risk of cancer as just 1 of the dangers of hormone replacement so stick to the natural path.

Some of the natural lists include – soy, red clover, wild yam, black cohosh, flaxseed.  Everyone is different and has different issues with this part of their lives.  I advise starting with natural treatment before jumping to hormone replacement.  Do your research and talk to other women going through similar issues.

Coming To Our Senses

Recently, psychologists voted in an overwhelming number, to adopt a resolution not to deal out some crazy notion that they can “turn straight” with therapy.  The research conducted concluded that therapy did not lead to change and also stated that trying to “fix” being gay can be harmful.  The largest group to back the therapy is a network of ministries.  These poor religious brainwashed gays convince themselves that they can be “healed” and fixed – please! – It’s physical and undeniable. 

We’ve come a long way, we just have to give the conservatives more time to wake up and smell the coffee.  Denying one’s sexual preference is an awful way to live.

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