What Helps Dry Skin And Wrinkles In Old Age?

One of the many changes we experience as we age is dry skin.  The moisture and oils we had in our youth slowly leaves us over the years and as we reach our senior years, our skin reduces production of collagen and elastin.  Elastin affects the elasticity of our skin.  As our skin ages it has a harder time “snapping back” into place.  We slow down our production of new skin cells to replace our dying skin cells.

The lifestyle you lead over the years will also contribute to your skin condition.  Sun exposure and smoking both contribute to wrinkles and skin condition.

There is one way to put off the onset of dry damaged skin full of tiny lines and wrinkles are with laser treatment.  Removing wrinkles with laser requires about 3 short sessions.  Using laser, a thin surface layer of skin is removed and fresh new skin is exposed.  Laser resurfacing is now a more popular cosmetic procedure for seniors than traditional surgical facelifts.   Although it cannot remove deep wrinkles and tighten up our skin, it is successful at removing small lines.

Combat dry skin by using quality moisturizers on a routine basis.  Avoid the sun which will only dry your skin more.  Wear hats to protect your face from sun rays.

Besides laser, dermatologists have other treatments to help with aging skin.  Injectable fillers such as Botox and radiofrequency are alternatives to traditional facelifts.  Other options include dermabrasion and chemical peels.

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