Where To Find Computer And Technology Classes For Older Adults?

Depending on your age and background, your exposure to computers can be minimal to can’t live without. Some people just don’t see a big need for computers in their life. Although, as technology advances, seniors are finding there are some advantages that didn’t exists before. For example, the ability to easily keep in touch with loved ones that do no live close by. Grandparents are finding helpful applications and social sites that help them to keep up with friends and relatives from all over.

If you use a computer on a regular basis and are comfortable with basic aspects and software you are ahead of the game. If you are just jumping into computers and the internet, you may feel overwhelmed at first, but applications and programs have become much more user friendly than they were even 10 years ago. Statistics are showing that the age groups using computers and the internet is shifting to seniors. The times we are currently living in is experiencing a shift in the picture of your average web surfer and computer user.

If you are brand new to technology and using computers your best advice is to take a basic class. Many local libraries offer such classes specifically targeting seniors looking to jump start their computer knowledge. There are also similar classes offered in adult education classes in many areas. Read the paper and any local senior news items to find ones given in your area.

Online Resources:

Internet use at one time used to be predominately a younger generation of surfers. As time goes on, these numbers are changing. Computer users are getting older and seniors are more computer literate than 10 years ago. For the seniors that never had time to take advantage of PCs, there are resources available to get them started. Online courses – for those at least familiar with the internet and there are usually local classes in local libraries and senior centers. Take advantage!

Another reason seniors are finding a need to learn computers, is due to some of us getting back into the work force. This may be due to financial reasons or just a desire to get back to work. Many jobs require some type of interaction with computers. We just can’t avoid it.

Once you are comfortable with computers you will find they can make your life easier.

  • Online Banking and Investment Tracking
  • Online Shopping
  • Photo Sharing with Family and Friends
  • Keeping up with Grandchildren

Resources available to us can be found much easier via the internet rather than phone calls. It may be easier to absorb and understand rather than dealing with someone reeling off information in a phone conversation.

Technology and computer will also help us to keep our independence as we age. They are currently using high tech devices to monitor elderly citizens that once would have had no options except a nursing home or some type of senior care facility. Recently, manufacturers are realizing the need and the market for high tech senior living devices and are striving to meet the need.

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